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Fifer Logic offers a variety of creative services for that project you have been wanting to start, polish or complete.
"I hired Scott Fifer to do a video for me a couple months ago. I asked for a 7 minute full edited video. It came out great and I got it back in a week! Great communication the entire time"
Cole Reynolds
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Fifer Logic LLC, located in Palestine, Tx, has a unique mission to offer branding and creative direction services to clients that serve various markets. Through the use of engaging, high-quality videos, photos, and sales copy along with the tools and technology available, Fifer Logic will develop its clients’ branding strategy and grow a community around the clients’ mission. Where the mainstream marketing agency‘s and media company’s focus on distribution or video production, Fifer Logic considers the clients’ long term mission developing a comprehensive strategy and content to fit your

Service Examples

Fifer Logic offers a variety of creative services for that project you have been wanting to start


Creative photo shoots. 30 edited images per shoot.

Video Concept

Video concepts, planned, directed, shot and edited. 1 x 1-5 minute video per month.

Event Coverage

Special Event Coverage Fiferlogic team will be present at one event per month to capture content/create a vlog and gather high quality still images.

Long Term Strategy

Long-Term Content strategy w/ consultation Establish and support execution of 12 month content callendar with blog prompts and social media post prompts.

What is Fifer Logic?

Fifer logic is a perspective applied to content creation and branding strategy for businesses, organizations and individuals. The increasing demand for high quality content coupled with the relatively low overhead cost of creating content is a growing opportunity. Business owners see an increase of loyal customers, individuals experience viral support and organizations call enthusiastic home- grown communities to their side when effective branding strategies are coupled with high quality and engaging content.

Logic: “Reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity”


This industry is estimated to grow to $769.9 Billion by 2024. Every age group is effected by this industry. Every business, individual and organization can benefit from high-quality and affordable content.


  • This industry is affected to grow to $769.9 Billion by 2024
  • Every age group is effected by this industry
  • Every business, individual and organization can benefit from
    high-quality and affordable content.


  • Fifer Logic simply creates the content you need to reach the
    vast majority effectively.
  • The content created for your mission is tailored to achieve
    measurable results.
  • We work quickly and efficiently with out unnecessary costs
    Simplicity Keep costs down, and engagement up.
  • Less is more, but consistent content is king.

Why Choose Fifer Logic?

Availability and flexibility
Custom built strategy/content
Long term value
Community Growth and Understanding
Branding with every client's brand
Affordable and efficient

Need Something Else?

Click ‘Let’s Brainstorm’ and let’s turn your Vision, Dream, Mission into some valuable content, together. This is where things REALLY get interesting!

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Branding Materials - A La Carte

Photo Kit

Image Package
$ 299
  • Modern Professional Photos (photoshoot+editing)
  • Modern Custom Business cards
  • Social Media Image Kit

Logo Kit

Brand Package
$ 249
  • (3 logos with transparent background)
  • 1 custom logo
  • 1 text format logo
  • 1 illustrated mascot logo
  • Transparent versions for watermarks of Images and Video

Your Personal Brand

Launch Package
$ 499
  • (EVERYTHING you need. Period.)
  • Includes Photo Kit + Logo Kit and a $300 credit for Quick Drone Pro services
  • Social media optimization and management for your brand.

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